NanoEnergy® is a miniature power source designed for highly space limited micro devices such as smart card, portable sensors, and RFID tag. The following figure shows a NanoEnergy® powering a blue LED. The insert is a cross-sectional scanning electron microscope image of a NanoEnergy®.



Key Features:
Ultra thin As thin as 0.05 mm (0.002 inch) including package.
Safe & environmentally friendly All solid-state, using ceramic electrolyte LiPON developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratories. Contains no liquid or environmental hazardous material.
Long cycle life More than 1, 000 cycles at 100% depth discharge.
High current charge Can be charged to 70% of rated capacity in 2 minutes.
High current discharge Can be discharged at rates of more than 10 C.
Flexible form factor Can be made into different shapes and sizes.
Low self-discharge Less than 5% per year.
Bendable Can be bent and twisted without damage.